Britishvolt Canada joins Accelerate

December 22, 2021—Accelerate is pleased to welcome Britishvolt Canada to its coalition of companies and organizations committed to leveraging Canada’s resources to develop an integrated North American Zero Emission Vehicle supply chain.

A clean technology and manufacturing company, Britishvolt is on target to responsibly manufacture some of the world’s most sustainable, low carbon battery cells at its 30GWh battery plant, currently under construction in the United Kingdom. The company recently announced its intention to build a second gigafactory in Quebec to serve the North American Electric Vehicle industry.

“Canada has all the vital elements of a globally competitive EV industry – from critical minerals and metals to clean, renewable energy, to R&D, manufacturing and vehicle assembly,” said Philippe Couillard, Britishvolt’s Vice President, Canada.

“Britishvolt’s ambition has always been net zero. The core component of this mission is to help assist the race to lower CO2. We can only achieve that by building an ecosystem and creating collaboration across the value chain, particularly between Canada’s two largest provinces – Quebec and Ontario”, said Anna Vujovic, Head of Business Development, Britishvolt.

Britishvolt works with a range of technology partners to make sure it is a leader in terms of chemistries and applications. Through its participation in Accelerate, the company is well positioned to apply that collaborative approach in Canada.

“Our country has a singular opportunity to benefit from the transformation of the global auto industry but to do so we need to be purposeful in building and integrating our supply chain,” said Accelerate’s President and CEO, Matthew Fortier. “Britishvolt Canada’s participation in the alliance will help the country accelerate its potential of becoming a global ZEV leader.”

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