Introducing Accelerate

Our Mandate

We believe that Canada can capitalize on the global move to zero emission vehicles by leveraging its strengths in the emerging ZEV supply chain. This will help Canada not only retain its automotive footprint but expand into new areas of value-added manufacturing. To help capture this opportunity, companies along the supply chain as well as government need to organize and align themselves on the policies, programs, and support needed to ensure its growth and success.

Accelerate will advance our Mandate by pursuing the following six activity streams:

  1. Developing an industrial roadmap
  2. Policy advocacy
  3. Enabling partnerships
  4. Attracting investment
  5. Securing public support
  6. Future talent development

Learn how you can be involved to help Canada become a global leader in the rapidly expanding ZEV sector, while developing and strengthening relationships with key players across the ZEV supply chain.